Top Poshmark Followers

Cris Zaragoza

Follower Count: 2,767,161

Kate Franco

Follower Count: 2,633,872


Follower Count: 2,610,991

Tracy Sun

Follower Count: 2,562,384

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What is included in top Poshmark seller with large followers?

We source the data directly from Poshmark's website. We find resellers with the largest followers.

Why the follower count does not match with the one shown at Poshmark ?

We mark the follower count at the time of the snapshot. If the reseller then gains or loses followers we don't capture it.

How should I use this report?

These are resellers with the highest followers. Follow them and try to share their items as much as possible. When they choose to share your listings with their followers, your listings go in front of many buyers. You can also use our Poshmark bot to automate this.

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