Who needs a Virtual Assistant when you can have your own bot?

After achieving a certain scale at Poshmark, it becomes hard to take pictures of hundreds of items, write detailed descriptions and frequently list them. This is when Virtual Assistants come into play.

Poshmark Virtual Assistant

Before we go into whether Poshmark Virtual Assistant are the right answer, let's take a look at what Virtual Assistants are?

Virtual assistants are people who can help you with certain tasks in managing your closet. There's a wide variety of tasks a virtual assistant can perform for you. Some of these duties include sharing your listings, listing your items, attending parties, responding to buyer's inquiries, managing your social media accounts, and many other digital marketing tasks. There are various places where you can hire a VA, Facebook groups, Upwork, Fiverr are some places that comes to mind.

If you're dreaming of taking a short break from your sharing/following and looking for someone to take over, a VA can provide you relief. In order to work with a VA, you need to give them your Poshmark password. Once VA is done with the tasks, you can change your password back. Personally I am never comfortable with this arrangement due to following.

  • It is inconvenient to change passwords back and forth.
  • During the time I am sharing my password with a VA, I am still on the hook of VA going rogue
  • If Poshmark wants to crack down on people who are using VAs, this password sharing and logging from multiple IP addresses makes it very easy for Poshmark to identify these users

What is the Cost of Virtual Assistant?

The hourly rate of hiring a VA in the US ranges from $10 to $15 per hour. However, many platforms, including Fiverr and Upwork, now offer opportunities to hire at more affordable rates. You can find packages of sharing like 4000 clicks per day. These clicks can be used for sharing, following. You can do closet sharing and/or community sharing. Of course based on your agreement with VA, you can get them to do other things like making offers, answering some buyer questions etc. One of the most popular services out there charges $25 a week or $125 per month for 4000 clicks per day. In my opinion it is extremely expensive. With PoshMarvel you can do 6000 sharing per day with a single click. We charge $29 per month, that is right, you get your own VA at a fraction of the cost.

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If bots are more affordable and efficient why sellers buy VA services?

When you put Poshmark Bots and Poshmark VAs head to head, a well-built Poshmark bot will win every day. Of course some sellers don't have laptop/desktop/tablet therefore they want set and forget solution. That makes it hard for 90% of the bots to compete with a VA. Another reason sellers hire VAs is to outsource it completely and be stripped of sharing/following responsibilities. Everything is a trade-off, yes you can forget about it but it comes at a cost. I highlighted some problems above. As we discussed another big red-flag is paying 4x as much. It reminds me Henry Ford's quote, 'If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.' Outsourcing sharing/following to another person is like that, instead of using technology at a fraction of the cost, by hiring a VA you are hiring a non-scalable help.

Poshmark Virtual Assistant

Is it true that some VAs use bots?

I have heard this a lot. It may be coming from unhappy customers, competitors bad mouthing etc. Let's think about the economics of being a VA before we accept this claim. As a VA, I want to have multiple customers.

Each customer is asking me to do 4000 clicks a day. It takes me about 2 hours to do that. Assuming I work 8 hours a day, I can only accept 4 customers at the same time. At 4 customers, I am looking to earn $125 * 4 = $600 monthly. Nobody in the US will accept that for a 40 hour week. Maybe in some countries with a much lower cost of living, it is acceptable. That is why you see more VAs overseas. My question to you is do you want a VA in a different time zone sharing your closet? Firstly due to time zone difference, you will lose a lot of prime time activities in the US. Secondly, you will get yourself exposed with an IP address clearly not from the US.

What does this mean? We looked at the economics of being a VA and it is very clear no VA in the US will do it full-time for this price. That is why I give a lot of weight to the VAs using bots arguments. That is the only way to make these numbers work. When I read the Facebook groups, I am always surprised how some sellers think they are getting a deal. They are so happy that they found a VA based in the US, sharing their closet for $125 a month. We just discovered that it is too good to be true. When I propose a much better deal of using a Poshmark bot at $29 with lots of additional features, they always tell me it is against the community guidelines. Well, if your VA is using a bot, you lose twice. At least with a bot, you are in full control. And because it is from the same IP address, Poshmark's watchdog software can't even find you. Why do all these manually where you can get a bot on your laptop/desktop/tablet for $29 a month? It is less than $1 a day.

What about the new bulk sharing feature from Poshmark?

When I first saw it, my heart sunk. I had just started a new Poshmark bot and Poshmark just came out with this feature and got all sellers excited. As I figure out the details of the feature, I still think there is a place for bots especially ones who unlocks the true power of Poshmark. If you are using VA for just sharing, with the bulk sharing feature you can do it yourself and save $125 a month. It is still not a single click to share your closet. You have to click through all the listings one by one which still takes time. Poshmark blog says it saves time spent on sharing by 50%, which is huge, but it still needs you to invest at least an hour of sharing per day. And this is just sharing. As a seller, you want to find buyers, follow them, give them bundles, etc.

Final thoughts

I am biased of course. I see the value of a Poshmark bot much higher than the value of hiring a VA. Otherwise, I would have started a VA agency. There is an unfortunate myth around sellers that bots can get them kicked out of Poshmark. It is simply impossible for a well-built bot to cause that. Yes, you need time delays between sharing and have daily limits on them. We have all that. We have been using our bot on our closet for 6 months now. We haven't had any problem. There are 10 bots out there, if this was true, there wouldn't be a market for Poshmark bots. If anything because there are so many choices, sellers are better of trying multiple bots and find one that works for them. Our unique offering is merging Poshmark data with automation. We have the best automation out there, everything is a single click and can be scheduled. Where our bot is unique is that it has 6 different sharing strategies which put your listing in front of many more buyers.  We curate a list of buyers for you to follow instead of randomly following people on Poshmark. If you are a VA user today, give us a try. You will be surprised!