6 tools to that will change your Poshmark experience

Reverse Image Search

Sometimes you find an item, it has a label, but you have no idea what it is. If this happens to you again, you might want to use the following tools.

Google lens app

Google lens lets you point your phone to an image/object and ask what it is to Google Assistant. It helps great deal to find out the brands of an item by pointing the logo.

It is not always correct but it is the first thing I try when I am looking for a brand. It works great with Google Photos application.

Google Images

This is another great tool to find what is inside the image. Using it is very easy, you take a picture, upload it to Google and let it run searches against it.

The first time I used it, I was blown away by it. It works just like typing words but instead of words, you can search images. If the same image is indexed by Google, the webpage will be shown.

This brings the topic of stock photos. When you upload an image, you will get a lot of similar stock photos. Should you use them? Is it against copyrights? it is a tricky topic.

I heard Poshmark is getting more serious about removing these photos. Most likely Poshmark gets requests from brands for these photos to be removed. At that point, they can't do anything other than deleting those photos. '

We still recommend using stock photos because it makes your job much easier and the risk of your listing removed from platform is actually small.

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PhotoRoom App

Another great app I use all the time is PhotoRoom. It is best to keep the background clean, so the item stands out. It looks very professional. There are others but this one worked best for me.

Canva Pro (for PC)

If you are like me, you list on PC. I find it much easier to copy-paste and list on multiple platforms. Canva Pro is great to remove the background and add text on the image. It is the best alternative to PhotoRoom at PC.

Poshmark stock photos


If you are an analytical type and looking for a solution for keeping track of revenue, cost of goods, Poshmark commission and finally profits, Airtable is a great tool.

It is a spreadsheet-looking tool that is very easy to use and visually appealing. You can access it through your phone and your PC. Once you enter all the numbers above, add categories, group them to see which item type is most profitable.


It is very important to provide a professional seller experience to buyers. Having typos, sentences that don't make sense is a turn-off for buyers. I use Grammarly chrome-extension, which helps me a lot in titles and descriptions. In addition, Google and other search engines index listings from Poshmark. As a seller, you want to have the best SEO working for you.