Can I sell without sharing at Poshmark? Why is sharing so tedious?

Poshmark is a unique marketplace offering e-commerce with social elements. When comparing it to eBay, Mercari etc, you find that Poshmark's follower/following system makes it much more community oriented. What is common in a community? You guessed it, sharing! You have a great listing, you want to share it with as many people as possible. You want your followers to know. Buyers who like what you have, want to follow you to know what is coming next before everybody else. This is why sharing is key for promoting your listings.

What is Poshmark Sharing

Two types of sharing

Self Shares

These are your closet shares. Of course, you want to sell your listing, first thing is to promote it. That is when your followers come in. When you share your listing to followers, they get it in their feed. Yes, not many buyers shop from the feed. That is why Poshmark also shows your listing under 'Just Shared' category in search. This category is the default, so anytime a buyer search for an item through a brand name, model name etc, most recently shared listings show up first. It stays at the top of the search for only a second or two. So you can choose to continuously share your closet to maximize your chances to be the first spot. Wait there is another way. See below

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Community Shares

Sharing my listing all day with my followers sounds like spam to me. Eventually, my followers will get bored to see my items in their feed. This will go against being social. What is the solution? This is where sharing another Posher's listings come in. Community shares are the perfect way to show some love with your favorite Poshers, build relationships. They can also choose to return the favor and share some of my listings. This is when my listing gets amplified. Their followers now will see my listing in their feed. If it is something they like, they can also share. We target Poshers who have hundreds of thousands of followers. That way our users' listings get shared with thousands of buyers. Community Shares are also a great way to add followers.

We have built various community sharing features in our Poshmark bot. We share from showrooms, share from sellers' closet who are active on the platform. All these will multiply audience of your listings.

What is Poshmark Sharing

Sharing in Parties

Poshmark also hosts parties numerous times a day, where you can share your listings. There are not that many buyers involved in parties but still, it is a great way to engage with the community. Also, don't forget sellers also buy. Parties have thousands of people in there. Sharing to the party will get you a lot of followers if nothing else. Sometimes sellers skip parties because they don't have any listing that matches the party's theme. Firstly I would share all my closet to the party, let Poshmark to sort it out. Secondly, you can share items in the party back to the party. This way you get more followers. We have a party calendar that integrates with our Poshmark bot. This way you can always participate without any additional effort.

Poshmark sharing: how much is too much?

Every time you share an item, the listing will be updated, this one way to know if sharing was successful. Another way is to search for your title and see if it comes up under 'Just Shared'.

If sharing is this important, you might be thinking I better get a Poshmark bot and share 7/24. Well when you share too much, Poshmark puts you in share jail. This is a temporary measure from Poshmark to ease the load of the user causing on the platform. During share jail, the user can not share or follow. The status is reversed in 24 hours. How can you tell if you are in a share jail? Check your listing after sharing, if you see the last updated is not changing or when you search your item doesn't come in under 'Just Shared' then you are in share jail. No need to worry about it, it will reverse. But next time, share less. We limit sharing to 6000 for 24 hour period.

Do not worry getting into share jail is not a reason to get banned from the platform. But repeat offenses can be an issue. You do not want to cross the line and get yourself into trouble. For your safety, we set limits on sharing and following.

What about the new bulk sharing feature

Poshmark came up with a new feature to share your closet in bulk. You click on the items you want to share and hit share closet. Poshmark then shares these at their side. It is a big improvement from sharing listings one by one. It doesn't help much in finding the best users with thousands of followers. Or doesn't help much with who are active currently. I still think, our Poshmark bot is miles away from what Poshmark is offering to its customers today. If you think about how long it took them to release a bulk sharing feature, you can figure out how long it will take them to add new single-click sharing features. Also if Poshmark were to make sharing too easy, it will defeat the purpose. Everybody will keep sharing their closet. This is an opportunity for a seller who thinks outside the box. Using a Poshmark bot gets you superpowers.