Poshmark listing photography tips

Poshmark listing photography tips

Photos are the first impression

A picture is worth a thousand words. Buyers want to see every angle of the items especially if there are flaws, they want to know. It is better to be transparent than get a return and negative feedback. Here are some tips you can apply to.

Present your items properly

Present the best condition of your item, but make sure that the photos represent the real condition of the item. Otherwise, you may decrease customer satisfaction, and consequently your sales.

Before taking photos, make sure that your item is clean so its photos can be presentable. Take clear photos of fabric and other details. Leave no ambiguity, otherwise, buyers may choose to go on with another product instead of asking you questions. Therefore, it’s better to take several photos from different angles.

Being transparent about the item you’re selling is very important. Make sure that the buyer can see every aspect of the product. If you are selling a bag and the handlers are bent backwards, preventing the buyer from seeing the handlers, she may think that there might be a problem with the handlers. Sceptical buyers usually don’t take risks, so show them everything.

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Lighting is the key

We all have at least one selfie that we hate since the lighting or other factors ruined it. Same for the products as well. By putting a little effort into your photography skills, you can highlight the best features of your product and create the “love at first sight” effect for potential buyers.

Firstly, you need to be careful about the lighting. Taking photos during the day time is always better since sunlight enables the features and the colours to show off themselves. You can improve the lighting by increasing the exposure level of the photo if the lighting is poor. It is not a hard thing to do, since almost every smartphone has this simple photo editing feature these days. If you tap the “edit” button on the screen, you’ll get a menu that enables you to adjust lighting levels. Just increase “exposure” as we did for the photo below:

Poshmark listing photography tipsPoshmark listing photography tips

There are many functional apps that help your photo to have better lighting after just 2 seconds of editing, such as VSCO or Lightroom.

Another alternative is ordering a couple of softboxes. They are very good at providing excellent lighting and allow you to take photos at any time of the day.

Poshmark listing photography tips

Check the Background

Be careful about the background as well. A plain, preferably white background leads all the attention to your product. If you have already taken your photos and realized that there are unnecessary things in the background, you can use photo editing apps like Facetune.

Poshmark listing photography tipsPoshmark listing photography tips

Ensure authenticity

Buyers of luxury items want to be sure about the originality of the item. All original luxury items have a date code, hologram sticker, serial number, logo, and reference number. Make sure to take those photos. Sometimes sellers think it is obvious and do not add details in the description, it is best to share more with buyers. It is more work but you will have a bigger pool of buyers who can potentially buy your listing.

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