When in doubt, make an offer to likes, get them excited

Sometimes buyers get interested in an item, they put it into a bundle, they like it but when it comes to buying it, they get shy. How can we as sellers close the sale?

Making an offer is a great way for a seller to get buyers interested in an item. There are two ways to make an offer. One is through bundles. If you already have a buyer with a bundle, you can make offers privately.

Go to the My Bundles page, select one bundle and hit select Offer and enter your offer with the shipping discount you choose. This offer expires in 24 hours and puts some time pressure on the buyer.

Make and offer using Poshmark bundles

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Another way to make an offer is to go to a listing and select Offer / Price Drop and select offer to likers.

Make an offer to likers?

All likers now get an email from Poshmark notifying them about the offer. They have 24 hours to decide.

One thing to be careful of is when you use this feature, you can't increase the price back and make another offer. The next offer you make needs to be at least 10% lower than the last offer you sent. If you don't want to keep dropping your price, you can relist the item. Relisting will remove all the comments and likes but will give you a fresh start.

I suggest sending offers to likers within the first hour of the like. This way while the item is in the buyer's mind, you can close the sale.

This is exactly why you should list the item at 20-30% higher than the lowest price you will accept. If you list it at the price, it gives you couple of chances to make offers.

Say you made an offer, but there are no takers. You can to relist the item. You will find that you can't delete the listing when there is an active offer. Or you want to cancel the offer. What to do?

One trick is to edit the listing and change the size. This will remove all the active offers.

Make an offer to likers?