Poshmark vs Ebay, Mercari, Depop

There are so many different marketplaces. It gets confusing for sellers. How can you decide on which platforms to be on? As resellers, we have limited time and focus. We can't afford to be in all marketplaces out there. In this piece, I wanted to explore the differences between marketplaces and how to take advantage of each one. It is worth noting that, there are various tools out there that make cross-listing easier. I strongly recommend using these tools if you want to venture in multiple marketplaces. Listing in each one manually is not sustainable.

Poshmark vs Ebay

Ebay vs Poshmark


Established in 2011, currently it has over 60 million users. There are more than 100 million listings most of which is apparel.

Fees: Free to list. Selling fee of $2.95 for items under $15, and 20% fee for items over $15. At first 20% might be seen high but considering the shipping, customer service, Posh Protect buyer protection services it is well worth it.

Shipping: Flat fee of $7.45 if item is under 5 lbs. If your package exceeds that additional shipping postage must be bought from Poshmark. One thing sellers can take advantage is bundling. If buyer buys more than one item, he/she pays only one shipping charge. Assuming package stays under 5 pounds, it is a great deal.

Listing process: Easy, it has a mobile app and web app. Both are extremely powerful. Allows up to 16 photos and a video to be included in the listing.

Effort Required: Significant commitment required to grow your closet! If your goal is to sell here and there, it is very straightforward. If you are a full-time reseller with hundreds of listings, I strongly recommend using a Poshmark bot. Poshmark is a social app and requires interaction. The more interaction, the better. What is required is sharing your closet, each item, several times a day, along with following other people and sharing their closets, which can be very time-consuming, especially if you have a large closet.

Experience as a Seller: Wonderful. Poshmark prides itself on customer service and is known to take care of its sellers and buyers. In the event, item is lost during shipping, as long as the Poshmark shipping label is tracking, seller is fully covered.

Shipping: Very simple! Poshmark sends you a pre-paid USPS shipping label after an item has been sold. Print it out. Stick it to the package. You are not required to get your goods weighed or obtain shipping quotations.

Restricted Items: Not all categories are supported at Poshmark. Electronics outside of the categories available on Poshmark, cell phones, DVDs, furniture, appliances, used makeup/personal care products, used underwear, any health and wellness products, and current airline and airport uniforms and related items are all restricted. If you list any items in these categories, your account can get suspended.

Ebay and Poshmark are very different platforms for reselling. I use both and have plenty of experience and can appreciate things about each other. Here are four differences you may want to consider.

One thing I appreciate about eBay is that it takes up less of my time. I can post to eBay, then I can get on with my day because eBay then does the rest for me. I let its algorithm go to work by showing my items when someone searches it.

Poshmark on the other hand requires much more time. It's more of a social platform, so their algorithm requires more work from you. You need to:

  • Share every single item individually from your closet every day
  • Share it a few times a day
  • Follow and share other people’s closets.

This sharing can be quite time-consuming.

Shipping can be an important factor because every dollar counts. Let’s check out the differences.

Ebay gives you different options to see what works best for you.

  • Free shipping for the buyer, and as a seller, you figure out what amount to work into the cost to cover your cost of shipping.
  • Calculated shipping, which will make sure that your shipping is covered by the buyer.

It may take time to see what works best for you.

Poshmark charges a flat shipping fee of $7.11 (unless it weighs over 5 lbs). This can easily be seen as the easiest and best choice for many as far as shipping is concerned.


Ebay charges a seller fee of 10% and Poshmark charges for any sales under $15 a fee of $2.95 and anything over $15 they charge 20%. Depending on the average sale price, Poshmark may be the more expensive of the two.

Number of users

Ebay has a long and trusted reputation since 1995, with now 183 Million users, which means many people will be able to get their eyes on your items, which means a high probability of sales.

Poshmark has 50 million users and has been growing their business since 2011, and has a reputation of really treating their buyers and sellers well.

When it comes to reselling online, these are two of the most popular sites and apps that many downloads to buy and sell. You can choose one or choose to cross-post to both. No matter which you choose, you will have success in reselling!

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Poshmark vs Mercari

Mercari vs Poshmark


Established in 2013 and has a consumer base of 17 million users. Marcari is a Japanese e-commerce company with similar social elements to Poshmark. Buyer and seller can chat.

Fees: Free to list. Selling fee of 12.9% + $0.30.

Shipping: Options. Shipping starts at $3.49 for 0.25 lbs. You can choose the shipping vendor, such as USPS, UPS, or FedEx and you fill out the weight and size of the item. You can choose Free Shipping or Calculated for the buyer.

Listing Process: Very easy and straightforward, but there is more information to fill out than Poshmark. Allows up to 12 photos.

Effort Required: After the initial listing, there isn’t much to do besides update every 30 days.

Experience as a Seller: Good experience unless issues arise. There is no number to call and it can take a while for issues to be resolved. In case package is lost, as long as seller used Mercari shipping level, Mercari covers damages up to $200.

Pros: Easy to use platform, able to sell a variety of items in a range of conditions, doesn’t take lots of time.

Cons: Much fewer users, must update listings every 30 days, little to no customer service,

As you can see, there are differences. But each provides you with a way to get more potential buyers for your items. Take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages. For many, Poshmark wins out. Even though that may be the case, Mercari does have its following and can help you get more potential buyers looking at your items. See how these two weigh up and decide what’s best for you.

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Poshmark vs Depop

Depop vs Poshmark

Why Sell on Depop?

Customer Base: DEpop has around 26 million users across US, UK and Australia. It targets millennials and Gen-Z to capture the pre-owned, vintage trends. It is a UK based company where many of its users are under teh age of 26. Recently the company was bought by Etsy.

Free listing: There are no listing fees; you simply pay 10% of the sale price.

Listing: Photography, fashion, and branding enable you to articulate yourself.

A stable retail market: Depop has a strong stance against scams, forgeries, and vendors that breach the terms of service.

Simple user interface: Listings can only be done with through the mobile app which is simple and quick. If you are using a laptop or desktop, you are out of luck. Unlike Poshmark, most features on Depop are only accessible via the app; the site is very restricted.

Great customer support: If you have any problems, Depop makes it simple to contact them via the app, and they answer quickly.


On Depop, you have the choice of shipping with Depop or shipping by yourself. Ship with Depop flat rate starts at #3.75 for items weighing less than 0.25 lbs. Compared to Poshmark, it is much more expensive.

When making a listing on Depop, you may opt to ship with Depop and get the benefits of the USPS promotions. One distinction from Poshmark is that when making a listing, you must know the weight of each piece. You could choose to provide free shipping on Depop. Unlike Poshmark, you can reduce shipping fee on products weighing less than one pound on Depop.

Listing Process

It is really easy to list products on both Poshmark and Depop. Both listing procedures are rather consumer-friendly and simple to grasp.

Poshmark recently started allowing users to upload 16 images for each listing in a square format. Whereas users can only upload four images on each listing on Depop. In addition to the four images, Depop also included the option to include a video for each listing. Depop has merged the headline and description fields, making for a total of 1000 characters and up to 5 hashtags. Poshmark only lets users include 150 characters in the main title and 1000 characters in the description area.

Most common complaint about Poshmark we hear from sellers is that the constant need for sharing and following. Poshmark is designed for a great deal of engagement. As a reseller, you must keep sharing listings to show up at buyers' feed and search results of the website. If you have 500 listings, this might take you more than an hour every time. To produce regular sales on Poshmark, you must share your closet 4-5 times per day.

Depop seems to have a much lower customer base therefore it is hard to sell there. Another disadvantage is seller need to maintain current listings.


Both platforms feature the latest design patterns from well-known brands. Both sites are a haven for high-end luxury items.

Depop is aimed at Generation Z. Furthermore, Depop functions as a digital thrift shop, with people willing to pay extra for items considered to be high-quality or trendy.

Final Thoughts

Sellers have so many platforms to choose which is great. What sellers don't have enough of is time. As a seller, I look at each platform and focus on where my buyers are. Best way to find it is to search on the frequency of sold items similar to ones I carry in my inventory. I use cross-listing software to list across many platforms.