What are bundles? How to use them?

When I started Poshmark, bundles were the most confusing feature. When you understand it, they are actually very straightforward. To create a bundle, simply go to the listing page and hit to Add to bundle icon. The best way to think about bundles is to think of them as a shopping carts. Buyers can add items they like to it and let the seller know about their intention.

The main advantage for buyers is to get a bundle discount in addition to the shipping discount. Most sellers give out a bundle discount like 10%-20% when buyers buy more than one item. If these items fit in the same shipment, buyer pays for shipping only once.

Wait, there is more. Bundles also let buyers talk to sellers in a semi-private way. Yes, they are still public but who has time to go through a seller's bundles and read the comments. When a buyer gets the seller's attention, the buyer can ask more detailed questions and even ask for more discounts. Below are main reasons to use a bundle.

  • Everybody loves discounts! Bundles let sellers give discounts to exclusive to a buyer which builds relationships.
  • Bundles bring buyer and seller together. Buyers can ask questions and get answers really fast.
  • You can convert a like to a bundle using the bundling.

We said who has time to go to bundles and read comments. Well, our Poshmark bot happily does it for you. Our bot consistently looks for buyers who are doing bundles and targets them.

How to use Poshmark bundles?

How can I convert a like to a bundle?

When a buyer likes an item, it shows he/she might be interested. Maybe they need a little more push. Maybe they want some discount. As a seller, it is your job to close the sale. One way is to create a bundle for the buyer and start negotiations. Below are steps on how to convert a like.

  • Go to your news feed, find likes, pick one of the latest likes. Hit the buyer's closet link.
  • On buyer's closet page, hit the shopping basket next to the About button
  • Select 'Switch to Sell View' from the drop-down next to the profile image
  • Now you can see all the items from your closet that buyer liked
  • Share these listings with the buyer, he/she will be the first name in sharing box.
  • Now you are ready to send an offer exclusive to this buyer.

How can I see other seller's bundles?

When you go to any closet you will see a ... button at the top of the profile. This will show a list of all bundles they have.

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The buyer started a bundle with just one item. What is she trying to do?

Buyers use bundles also to negotiate. Even if there is a single item, they still use it to start negations. As a seller the more you are engaged the better it is. I go to my old bundles all the time and make offers. I was able to generate a lot of sales by just doing that.

It is worth mentioning that the discussions can be seen by other users but not the offers.

Make offers for each Poshmark bundle