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PoshMarvel's sharing and targeting strategies put your closet on auto-pilot and find buyers faster. Experience the true power of the Poshmark platform with our easy-to-use Poshmark bot.

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Single Click Sharing

Your most productive day is when you didn't babysit your closet. Even with the new bulk sharing, a closet with 400 listings takes an hour to share assuming you share 5 times a day. With single click, get your freedom back.

Automation + Data

Our targeting strategies help you get more buyers. We offer six sharing strategies designed to expand your reach. Let your listings travel to places they never been before.

No Password Exchange

Unlike a VA, PoshMarvel runs from a browser. We never ask for your Poshmark password. Stop worrying about getting hacked or getting caught.

Goodbye clicking, Goodbye tapping.

Join our power seller club to reach full potential of Poshmark.

Sell more on Poshmark with less effort

Become a power seller in 10 minutes, without clicking or tapping all day or paying hundreds of dollars.

Fully Secured Poshmark Bot

No anxiety about sharing your password or IP address with hundreds of other sellers. We put smart delays and limits, so you can stop worrying about share jail.

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Ready to get superpowers ?

Turn followers into buyers. PoshMarvel provides everything you need to generate sales, drive traffic and connect with buyers. Signup today, end your frustration with clicking and tapping all day. We are the only Poshmark bot that merges data with automation to target buyers directly.


Share your closet, share to party, share curated closets


Target buyers, follow curated buyers


Schedule share and follow


Run a sale


Offer to likers


Organize your closet in any order you like. Organize it by like count or comment count


Use our calendar and scheduler to share to party.


Reciprocate share and follow activity


Turn buyers into repeat buyers

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